'Seek yourself in my art...'

Like a beam of light from a lighthouse that illuminates the path for weary travelers trying to find their way – Natasha believes that forms of artistic expression provide context and meaning amidst our frenzied daily lives.

Whether it provokes a moment of thoughtful reflection, or sparks a deep conversation amongst friends – the artistic expression is perceived specifically to one’s own context at that moment in time.

In her own art, as each stroke of the brush transforms a blank canvas into something divine and yet deeply human, Natasha feels that her hand is guided by a force that she can’t quite explain. She typically starts a new piece without a fully materialized idea. Often, it is not until she hears the interpretations of those around her that she develops an understanding of the story the piece is telling.

Natasha started her artistic career as a student in kindergarten who colored perfectly between the lines, not realizing the depth that would unfold in her adult years. Her influences include the post-impressionism of Vincent Van Gogh and the surrealism of Salvador Dali.

Born near the Black Sea in Odessa, Ukraine, during the time of the former Soviet Union, Natasha emigrated to the United States with her beloved late husband and their two children.

Natasha now lives in both Atlanta and sunny Southern California and spends her time focused on her art, as she waits to have little grandchildren to chase around. She hopes that you will take a moment to browse her work, and that it will touch you in a way that is unique to you.